How Young Professionals Can Set Themselves Up for Financial Success

Starting your professional career can be equal parts exciting and terrifying. Having a steady stream of income for the first time is a great feeling but knowing what to do with the money can be confusing. Below are 5 strategies that all young professionals should employ to make sure their finances stay on track.

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Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

By Carla Hindman, Director of Financial Education, Visa Canada A fast growing and ominous crime in Canada today is identity theft, where someone steals your …

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Ensure your lifestyle is fully insured

By Grant Ostir Even if you don’t consider yourself someone who leads a risky lifestyle, there’s a chance that experts might disagree. If you rock …

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Aging well

Shared  from Sheppell fgi I was born in 1949, and this year I’m hitting a significant milestone.  There is no real magic at 65 and …

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What about Your health

We often hear about the need to provide for our families, and protect their financial security through the use of various insurance products.  We’re always …

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Go Play Outside

I always hear lamentations about what a chore exercise is and how it’s so hard to drag yourself to the gym.  If you don’t love …

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The Changing Face of Health Care in Canada

  By Canada’s aging population is going to have a significant impact on our health care needs and costs. According to The Sun Life Canadian Health …

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